LOUISE ROE COPENHAGEN l Balloon Vase 02 Smoke

LOUISE ROE COPENHAGEN l Balloon Vase 02 Smoke

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Product name l BALLOON VASE 02 Smoke

Color l Smoke

Measurements(cm) I Size: Ø6,5/17,5 H20 cm

Material l Glass / Handmade 

The Smoke Balloon Vase is a more terrestrial appearing edition of the series. Its faintly darker and more subtle facade surely does not go unnoticed in diverse environments.

Crafted by our team of specialists in Poland, the vases endure the touch of numerous hands before, and leading up to, their finishing touches. The creational ingenuity behind the artistry, in turn, contributes to the individual weight, width, as well as colour intensity of each object in the entire collection. We believe that this gifts the pieces their special and peculiar charisma.

Elegantly complimented by a bouquet of flowers, each vase, smaller or larger, is characteristically also a stand-alone monumental piece of art. Moreover, the appreciable and varying colours create urbane reflections when placed in direct sunlight.



The glass material is fragile and should therefore always be handled with care.

When conveying the Balloon Vase, customers should make note of the above-stated measurements concerning the varying weight and size measurements.

Each object in the collection, as with the majority of our products, carries a product-claimer slip.


Louise Roe holds a degree in fashion and concept development. Her hands-on experience in the fashion industry has made her comfortable with production processes from idea to final product, and appreciative when it comes to the art of mastering a craft. All items in Louise Roe’s collections are made from honest materials manufactured in Europe by skilled independent craftspeople who have mastered their profession throughout generations. Louise Roe, the design company, was founded in 2010. In 2018 the Louise Roe Gallery, including a cafe, opened its doors in central Copenhagen. 


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    Product Care 

    The hand-painted outer surface should only be cleaned using a soft cloth, if needed add a small amount of water on the cloth and gently wipe the dirty area. It’s important that you wipe the vase completely dry afterward.
    We recommend that you store the product in its original packaging when not displayed, to prevent damages while in storage.

    The inside of the vase is glazed to hold water, but as ceramics is a porous material we recommend that you let the vase dry between usage from time to time.